You have a problem.

If your company is like most life science companies, it is "Best in Class" for science, but "Also Ran" when it comes to the commercial side of business.

Why do we say this?

  • Typical life science marketing is short-term focused.
  • It doesn’t give the customer what they want, It doesn't have any obvious link to ROI.
  • It lacks both courage and clarity.

Typical life science marketing is terrified of making significant investments in anything, leaving marketers spinning their wheels achieving the same lackluster results year after year.

Fortunately, we have the solution for you.

Introducing the

Life Science Marketing Society

The Life Science Marketing Society  is here to teach life science marketers how to get around to the same side of the table as their customers, AND deliver measurable results linked to revenue.

Get advice from people who know from experience

As you progress in your career as a life science marketer, everyone one day wakes up with the same epiphany: Marketing is completely different from science.

Ask yourself if these limitations are true at your company:

  • Too much of our marketing is not very effective.
  • The majority of our marketing is short-term in focus.
  • Most of our marketing timidly paddles in familiar one-dimensional, outdated tactics rather than courageously wading into modern, current strategies that offer clarity, impact and measurability.

We're here to help you fix ALL that.

The Life Science Marketing Society is a place where you receive free expert input and sharpen our collective excellence.

The Life Science Marketing Society offers bold, current solutions that incorporate the best of marketing strategies and practices gathered from top marketers in our own industry and beyond.

The Life Science Marketing Society is 100% free to Industry Members. We’re here to learn new ideas, outlooks and tactics which enable us all to better serve our customers and to produce satisfying, measurable results for our companies.




Who Should Join the Life Science Marketing Society?

Professional marketers serving the life science industry

Are you tasked with bringing commercial professionalism to a scientific company?

The Life Science Marketing Society is for you.

Scientists who have been tasked with leading their company’s marketing efforts

Have you stepped up to handle this mission critical part of business at your company?

The Life Science Marketing Society is for you.

The benefits of the Life Science Marketing Society

Bring best marketing practices
to your company

Elevate the stature of
your marketing department
in your company

Engage in
professional development
for your career

Who's behind the Life Science Marketing Society?

We are people who possess not just the know-how but the experience to help you become the best professional you can be.

Meet the board members here.

Look what we have for you

Get a taste of the articles, webinars, videos and podcasts available here:

Career Development

Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Paradigms

Marketing Technology

Welcome home

We’ve created the ultimate “club” for you to get all your knowledge, encouragement, support, and even tough love when you need it.

Because at the end of the day, smart life science marketing is all about relationships. Your relationship with your readers, your clients, and your fellow life science marketers.

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